1. Bargain Booze

From the recording Bargain Booze

A surfy, hop-skip-and-jump of a tune, tackling the deadening cycle of habitual social drinking, as well as the UK's hypocritical minimum-price alcohol legislation.


When booze was new and shyness huge
But toppled easy by the booze
I loved to tell you everything

The technicolour wall of lager bricks
Each one a potential how d'you do
Each one a potential night-time screw
Each one's conversation limited to "Drink me"
Each one to help build the solution

But it turns out...

The straight-face has immune response
It learnt to see through alcohol
Time was when I became the buzz
But now the buzz just sits by me
When I embark on my weekend-ly

It's nice to get away from it all
Sitting down
Sitting down

And you might wanna tax me out of my fun
You might wanna tax him out of a job
But it's only a narrow line of attack
You can't keep a good vice down

When booze was new its highs were true
But now the weekend is all you do
And all the highs just lie to you

The champagne war on Special Brew
I've got a cellar-full but you can't have 3 for 2
Drunk chumps are fine in Tom Ford suits
But not on crutches of Bargain Booze
Not on crutches of Bargain Booze